Aplication Form


Dear partner, thanks a lot for your interest in our association, we are sure that our group may strengthen even more your business. In order to join us, please, you have to take the following steps

1. Fill up the application form (available at application form link) and send it to us, so that we may know more about your company:
2. After sending the form, we from WCNA head office will contact you for any doubt;
3. The third step is the payment of the WCNA annual membership fee. The annuity lasts twelve months, which means that if you join us in December of a year, then, you will have to pay the fee again only in next December;
4. After the payment of the annuity, WCNA will prepare a circular message and introduce your good company to every partners.
5. You will also receive a password and an username for accessing our web site with no restrictions.

We do count on you,

For any doubt, feel free to contact us anytime,


We have a black list containing the name of some agents worldwide.