Chapter - I
Denomination, headquarters, forum and objectives

Art. 1º - Association of international, will assign as to WCNA WORLDWIDE GARGO NETWORK ASSOCIATION , established in February 7 th of 2001, is a civil society without lucrative economic objective of indeterminate time, will have its headquarters and forum in the city of São Paulo, Capital, that will prevail on this Statute.

The rigorous observance of the law and the principles of moral and understanding of the civic duties;
To congregate the companies of jobs of international carriers that acts all in the domestic territory and international and will have its headquarters and forum in the city of São Paulo , Capital.
Achievement of its intentions, as much in the internal scope, as international being able filial it foreign entities.
To promote, to stimulate and to develop the interchange and the relations between the Associates;
To establish interchange with similar associations the international level, congresses, fairs and events;
To promote and to keep publications, to promote courses, seminaries, lectures, that make possible the spreading of the work, information and subjects of interest of the classroom;
To elaborate and to keep I register in cadastre brought up to date I contend useful information in that refers to the good development of the Associates.
To exert too many functions that will be determined in General meeting.

Chapter - II
Of the rights and duties of the Associates

Art.3º - They are right of the Associates: < br> To compose the associative picture of the Entity;
To use all the placed jobs, benefits and advantages the disposal for the WCNA WORLDWIDE CARGO NETWORK ASSOCIATION;
To represent the WCNA WORLDWIDE CARGO NETWORK ASSOCIATION, when this will be credential for the Direction;

Art. 4º - The Associates will not assume responsibility some atinente the social obligations that can occur in the Entity`s management have any time.

Art. 5º - The right of representation of the Associate, for ends of fulfilling of elective offices together the Association.

Art. 6º - It still attends the Associate, the right of:

To participate of all social activity, frequenting the Headquarters and all the dependecies at the disposal of the Association;
To appear and to take part in the General meetings, to vote and to be voted, since that harmonized with its social commitments;
To consider the admission of new Associates.

Art. 7º - They are duties of the Associates:

To appear to the General meetings, accepting and fulfilling its decisions; and to be present at the annual meetings.
To pay to the contributions the one promptly that will be citizens;
To sanction unconditionally the Association, looking forward to propagate the associative spirit enters the integrand ones of the category;
To fulfill to the present Statute and the regulations that of it will be emanated;
To communicate the WCNA WORLDWIDE CARGO NETWORK ASSOCIATION any alterations in its social contract; f. too much constant duties in this Statute or that they come to be established.
Will be permited only one absence at the annual meetings or more of one when we receive a justification accepted by us.

Art. 8º - The condition of Associate Loses, the legal entity who to leave to have legal existence.

Art. 9º - It implies in suspension penalty the Associate, if:

To delay the payment of the annual contribution;
If its procedure, of some form, to harm, material or morally the Association
To disregard deliberation of the General meetings or statutory disposal.
Not are presence at the annuals meetings for more 2 times

Chapter - III
Of The General meetings

Art. 10 - Annually, until the last day of the December month, a General meeting will become.

1º - The General meetings - usual or extraordinary, will be become fulfilled by means of invocation of the President, the respective invitation in obligatory character.
2º - In the cases of Statutory Alteration or extinguishing of the Association, they will be compelled, for in such a way, in Extraordinary General meeting.

Chapter - IV
Of The Management

Art. 11 - The Association is managed by a Direction and a Consulting board, during a period of 2 (two) years thus understood:

Director: President, Vice President, and Secretary;
Board of trustees: A member chosen for election, in the same Annual shareholders meeting that to acclaim the Direction.

1º - the position of Director or Advisory Council member will lose forcibly, that one that, in the condition of legal representative of an Associated Company, definitively to leave of the exercise of the activity that until then credenciava.
2º - the management Association will not have that, obligatorily, to inhabit in the Headquarters of the Association.
3º - She is hindered the consecutive re-election, for the exercise of exactly;
4º - the mandate of the Advisory Council member is coincident with the one of the Directors;

Art. 12 - It competes to the Direction:

Inside of permissive the legal one and this Statute, to manage the interests of the Association, fulfilling and making to fulfill deliberations of the General meetings, to fix the work lines of direction, to elaborate the internal regiment and to take care of the patrimony of the Association;
To decide for the application of the statutory penalties;
Only: The WCNA WORLDWIDE CARGO NETWORK ASSOCIATION will be valid obliged before third for the joint signature of two Directors.

Art. 13 - It competes to the President:

Art. 14 - It competes to Vice-Presidents:
Not only to substitute the President in its impediments and absences as also to represent it in the fullness of all to be able them that they are attributed to them by the President;
To secretary the General meetings and meetings of Director.
To cultivate acts, to take care of all the correspondence, signing the forwarded ones, together with the President.

Chapter - V
Of The Patrimony

Art. 15 - The patrimony of the Association is constituted of:

The contributions of the Associates;
Incomes of eventual jobs given in favor of the effective partners;
Donations and legacies of any nature;
Gotten goods and values;
Other incomes.

Art. 16 - The expenditures of the WCNA WORLDWIDE CARGO NETWORK ASSOCIATION will be that one destined to take care of to the accomplishments of its objectives and the administrative necessities.

Chapter - VI
General Disposals

Art. 17 - The dissolution of the Association, will be for deliberation of the convoked Extraordinary General meeting specifically to that necessity.