W3P (WCNA Payment Protection Program)


W3P & L3P – to protect our members will increase the values as follows :

From now each member will pay of founds usd 500,00 annuity and the reimbursement will be till usd 25.000,00 per year.

The fund pays only in case of the bankruptcy or default of another member company. This is not cargo or liability insurance, and never covers such things as demurrage, storage or penalties.

Each member today pay your annual fee and inside the value of it is destinated to the funds usd 200,00

So, the annual membership fee will remain same value what will be incresead will be the founds , addeding usd 300,00 and maximum that you had as reimbursement was usd 3.000,00 that now will be usd 25.000,00 The additional founds of usd 300,00 will be billed together your annual fee and will start in September 2016 till september 2017 where will be captured all the amount from all members.

So, from 2017 at the next conference we could pay till 2 cases of this value or till the number of cases that corresponde this value. In case of bankruptcy of one company and it due money to two or more members, the payment will be programmed according the funds were created.

We suggest that when member delays more than 60 days from invoice date , that y stopped with credit to them and not be superior usd 10.000,00


The participation in this program is MANDATORY . All members must have same level

Disputes and Payments

.1 - In case of payment problems between two companies, both companies should present their arguments before to the Judge Comissioners and the Wcna & Lcn staff during the annual conference. There will be a private meeting for this purpose;
.2 - The final decision will be made by the judge comissioners and will be reported to the Wcna & Lcn staff, their decision and the debtor company should pay its due in 30 days after the conference in only one payment;
.3 - Both companies should attend the conference, on the contrary, neither the debtor or the damaged company will have the right to demand the acceptance of their arguments;
.4 - If the debtor company does not attend the conference, he (her) will not have the right to demand the acceptance of his (her) arguments and should pay the due urgently under the penalty to be excluded from Wcna & Lcn.
.5 – Wcna & Lcn ´s President and their staff do not vote. So be clear that they are neutral without vote.


- WCNA & LCN is ready to help solve all disputes among members based on clear correspondence and data. Based on their experience, our judge commissioners are willing to assist and give the correct opinion regarding any matters issued.
- A credit term between agents is a specific agreement among them.
-WCNA & LCN has nothing to do with these agreements.
-W3P & L3P is a program that helps agents based on a case studied and approved by judge commissioners.
- W3P & L3P assistance shall be considered / applied / granted to Current members Only. Any claim from members must be done while member is inside the groups.
- W3P & L3P assistance shall NOT be granted to Members if Debts are Incurred prior to becoming WCNA & LCN members.
- Wcna & Lcn cannot help you in case that you have branch offices in another countries that not are listed as member neither pay annual fee.
- Wcna cannot help you if you delays a long time to advise us, or in case that bad payer not is more member.
- Wcna cannot help you neither open a claim with members excluded.

Actions against the bad payer

.1 - In case of no payment, the debtor company will be excluded from the group.
.2 - All necessary actions will be taken in order to protect other companies about the bad payer;


If you leave Wcna & Lcn group, there will be no reimbursement of the amount invested in it.

Period to claim

- Do y have to advise Wcna & Lcn 'staff and Judges Commissioners that one company not pay you in maximum 90 days. , after shpt date. Valid only for members registered in Wcna or Lcn.
- After this period you will lose the right to do the claim.
- Claims only will be valid if the another member still remain as member inside the group.
- Claims only be valid if both sides were member of group, not will be valid shpts before afiliation
- Each member has the right to claim one case per year.
- In case that you not report Wcna & Lcn before member be excluded of group, you will lose the right of claim.
- claims must be done during current year of non payment by another part, and cannot be postpone in following years. Not will be accepted.

The following transactions and losses are specifically excluded from coverage under the service:
(1) Payment for losses that are otherwise covered by Errors and Omissions Insurance, or any other insurance coverage
(2) Payment for the cost of lost or damaged cargo or cargo container
(3) Losses resulting from the failure to obtain a properly endorsed original bill of lading or from the failure to obtain a proper bank release of cargo
(4) Losses suffered by non-members or the clients of a member
(5) Losses resulting from currency exchange fluctuations
(6) Losses resulting from any political event, economic difficulty or legislative measure that prevent or delay the transfer of payments
(7) Any loss resulting from any measure or decision of national, regional or local authorities in any country that result in confiscation or seizure of merchandise
(8) Losses resulting from war, rebellion, hostilities, riot, civil commotion and natural disasters
(9) Subsequent losses after a claim is filed resulting from continuation of business between a member company filing the claim and the member company identified as debtor in the claim, during the pendency of the claim
(10) Losses resulting from demurrage, storage, detention charges, fines, penalties, duties, taxes, or similar levies
(11) Coverage for any losses wherein either or both members either knowingly or should have known that the movement, contents, or other aspects of the transaction were illegal or otherwise circumscribed by either the importing or exporting countries laws
(12) Legal fees or services
(13) Any losses wherein the claimant company has extended credit to the debtor company of longer than 150 days
(14) Losses for shipments invoiced more than 30 days after the departure of shipment when Claimant Company is Origin Agent. Losses for shipments invoiced more than 30 days after arrival of the shipment when Claimant Company is Destination Agent
(15) Transactions between branches of the same company, between companies sharing common owners or wherein a company involved is a progeny of the other company
(16) Any transactions with a Suspended and/or Terminated member after the date of such suspension or termination.
(17) Interest and/or late payment fees
(18) In case of a voluntary agreement between both parties or agreement with us assistance, Wcna & Lcn doesn't have to proceed the compensation
(19) the member shall not be entitled to claim in his case is not in good standing with WCNA & Lcn for the payment of annuity & funds

In conclusion

Wcna & Lcn have been working in order to serve our agents each time better.
We do expect you may see and analysed carefully for your own benefit.

We invite you to join us!

WCNA Head Office